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Web3 UX Design With Luka: UX Bonfire Interview

Web3 UX design is a hot topic in the design industry… Or at least it should be. Regardless of the many problems that the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is dealing with at the moment, in order to make Web3 accessible to the masses, the whole ecosystem should focus much more on UX and UI design, and somebody needs to say it out loud. That’s why UX Bonfire is pretty vocal when it comes to that topic.

In their podcast series hosted by Web3 expert Catherine Bär, our very own Luka Kapetanic covered a broad palette of topics related to Web3 UX design and problems with Web3 design, but also about Luka’s career path and motivations that drive him forward.

The whole video is available right below these lines as well as on the UX Bonfire YouTube channel.

What is UX Bonfire

In their own words;

“UX Bonfire brings together the brightest minds in research and design from the Web2 realm to fuel the evolution of Web3 and blockchain technologies.

While this is a bit general, you can say that UX Bonfire is a perfect outlet for all designers looking to embark on a Web3 career path. Their discord channel is a place where experts from the field can help each other, share experiences, and network online to promote best practices and their businesses.

Everyone can join their Discord by clicking the button below.

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