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Solvion Website Redesign: Solvion’s Awesome New Web Presence

Solvion website redesign is one of the latest gigs Little Captain was hired for. This well-known management and business advisory organization had a very basic web presence that wasn’t setting it apart from the competition. Therefore, there was a lot to be done and no time to lose.

To make the redesign process as swift and precise as possible, we always divide it into stages.

  • Defining goals
  • Analyzing current website
  • Developing a plan
  • Getting familiar with the branding
  • Designing the website
  • Creating/receiving the content
  • The launch

Knowing these stages means little if you don’t maximalize their impact. That’s why we always take special care in defining goals with our clients, especially in defining their website redesign goals.

How we defined Solvion’s goals

Since Solvion’s CEO, Vladimir Veličković is a real businessman with clear goals and a systematic approach to company development, he had a clear vision of what he wanted from the website redesign. That allowed us to merge the first two stages into a single, straightforward meeting where we also familiarized ourselves with the brand. In an hour-long session, we established what elements of the website were good and what needed an upgrade and made a detailed to-do list. Little Captain described the process and presented our vision of the redesign to the client and, after aligning our positions, we were ready to go.

The plan

Our development plan isn’t as crucial for our client as it is for us. Nevertheless, Little Captain always makes the plan comprehensive and divided into sub-stages so that it is logical and easy to follow. In the case of Solvion website redesign, it was also a simple one:

  • Take the valid content and save it offline
  • Make the roadmap of the website
  • Design the wireframe
  • Insert the design into the wireframe
  • Polish the design (resizing the images, making a custom vertical scroll bar, and other details)
  • Make the website as fast as possible (caching, lazy load images, etc.)
  • Linking buttons and menus
  • Testing the website
  • Presenting results to the client

Designing the website

Due to the nature of Solvion’s core business, designing the website is a slippery terrain regardless of the fact that it runs on WordPress. The new web presence needed to be appealing to the widest possible audience while still being modern and engaging. Therefore, we retained the color palette native to the organization. However, we completely turned around the faceless white background with flat illustrations. A modern, dark design theme gelled perfectly with many awesome images provided by solving and light-orange overlays.

Since the website needed that wow factor, the sections overlap each other like a deck of playing cards. Regardless of the task being a bit more demanding, that kind of approach did the trick, transforming Solvion’s website composition into a real eye-candy design. Naturally, that modern design approach needed equally awesome navigation. That’s why we chose to make a vertical main menu instead of a classic top-of-the-page navigation. The result speaks for itself.

Finally, we produced clear CTAs (calls to action) destined to improve Solvion’s conversion rate as contacting their representatives is now much easier than in the previous website version. Also, we substituted the spam-attracting contact form with a slick Google meet scheduler (still to be connected).

Stick that content in

We were strangely lucky when it comes to Solvion’s content. It was pretty good all around with just a few tweaks needed to make it absolutely perfect for the purpose it serves. Therefore, we just took what was already there and slapped it into the new web art. Since every website is an ever-evolving thing, there are still quite a few bits and pieces to add. Still, we are more satisfied with how the content merged with our design to make a highly-comprehensive whole.

How we launched the Solvion website redesign

When a client hires Little Captain for the website redesign, we do our best to keep the old design online as long as possible for obvious reasons. In Solvion’s case, the total downtime could be measured in seconds as we produced the new pages separately. Therefore, when the client expressed his 100% satisfaction with the new design, we only had to click a few buttons and the new, beautiful web presence was live and ours to brag about in our portfolio section.

Although extensive, this article cannot explain the entire Solvion website redesign process in detail. Nevertheless, it is a decent enough introduction to our creative and development process. If you are as curious as we are, it is best that you use the button below to take a peek at the Solvion website for yourself.

In the end, your website is your online storefront. And just like physical storefronts always keep track of trends, it always needs to be updated and modernized. Therefore, you would do good to contact Little Captain for a FREE 1-hour session where we can talk about your design and how we can boost up your web presence.

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