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Cryptocurrency Logo Design: Create an Awesome, Symbolic, and Scalable Logo

Cryptocurrency logo design is an important aspect of creating a successful and recognizable brand for a new crypto startup. The logo is often the first thing potential investors and users bump into while doing their research. Therefore, it must be visually striking and representative of the currency’s values and mission.

Less is more (…Or simplicity is the key…)

There are a few key elements to consider when designing a logo for a cryptocurrency, with the first and one of the most important being simplicity. Cryptocurrency logos need to be easy to recognize and remember, and a simple design with clean lines and a limited color palette will usually be more effective than a complex or busy design. Moreover, crypto logomarks are minimized quite often throughout various price tracking websites, so they need to look decent even when extra-small. One good example of such a simple but effective design is Ethereum (ETH).


The symbolism in the cryptocurrency logo design

The second element to consider is symbolism. A cryptocurrency logo should represent the currency’s mission and values, and it should be easily recognizable as such. For example, the Near (NEAR) logo represents the very first letter of the name of the project, but it also represents the infinity symbol, basically depicting eternity.

Near Protocol logo

It needs to scale well

The element we already started to discuss in one of the previous paragraphs is scalability. Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize that a crypto logo (or rather a logomark) should be easily adjustable to all sizes. It is all too common to see various logos (not only from cryptocurrency startups) fall apart when sized all the way up or down. A cryptocurrency logo needs to look good in a variety of sizes, from small icons on a website to large banners on billboards.

This means that the design should be easily recognizable and legible even when it is very small or very large. Avoid using too many details close together. Always test your design in as many sizes as possible.


Cryptocurrency logo design font

Another important aspect to consider is the typography of the logo. The font used in the logo should be legible, simple, and well-balanced. It should also be consistent with the overall design and theme of the logo. Simply put, using the wrong type of font can, in fact, describe your crypto startup in a completely wrong way by sending the wrong preliminary message to a potential investor. It is well-known what kinds of businesses (depending on their targeted audience) should use which kinds of fonts. And that brings us to our next topic.

Always consider the targeted audience

When designing a logo for a cryptocurrency, it is also essential to consider the target audience. The logo should be appealing to the specific group of people that the currency is aimed at, whether that is tech-savvy individuals, investors, or a general audience. For example, a metaverse game aimed at a younger audience can have a much wider variety of fonts used, with even the likes of Comic Sans being a possibility.

On the other hand, a high-tech crypto project looking to raise money from already established investment companies would do well to keep their font choice much more conservative and use the likes of Gilroy, Poppins, or even Roboto or Arial.

Use the negative space

One key trend in cryptocurrency logo design is the use of negative space. This is where the logo is created using the space around an object or symbol, rather than the object or symbol itself. This can be a powerful and effective way to create a memorable logo, as it allows the viewer to fill in the missing parts and create their own interpretation of the design.

Colors in cryptocurrency logo design

Another trend that we think is really fun to work with in cryptocurrency logo design is the use of bright, bold colors. This can be an effective way to make a logo stand out and be easily recognizable, especially when it is used in digital contexts like social media or online ads. Try comparing a few different logos on any kind of design background and you will see that in most cases the brightest one will simply stand out.

One thing, though, that all cryptocurrency logo designers should have in mind is that, regardless of our last statement, it is always a bad idea to use more than 2 colors in a logo or logomark design. Using more than 2 colors (might be in the gradient) creates a lot of possible problems in other fields of design, like web design where it will be difficult to incorporate such a logo on any kind of background, all the way to designing a successful marketing campaign as the same problem will persist throughout the life of the brand.


With all that said, we can conclude that designing a logo for a cryptocurrency is a complex task that requires careful consideration of more than a few key elements. The logo should be simple, symbolic, and scalable. The typography should be well-balanced and targeted correctly. The target audience and trends in cryptocurrency logo design should always be considered to keep pace with the swift-moving business niche such as crypto.

With a great logo, a new cryptocurrency can establish a strong and recognizable brand that will help it stand out in a crowded market. Therefore, keep in mind that it is always best to hire a professional designer who is used to considering all these details while producing something awesome for your business.

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